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We Buy Scrap Llc

We buy Scrap Metal, do you want to sell your scrap metal and turn your scrap metal into dollars near Cumming, GA? 400 Waste and Scrap buys all types of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. 400 Waste & Scrap, LLC offers scrap removal for junk cars, heavy equipment, and other large scale jobs. Have an old junk car in Cumming or Forsyth County? We can pick it up. Have any industrial machinery, tractors, or old grading equipment? No problem. Our experienced staff can recover almost anything that can fit on a rollback or tractor trailer. Call us today at (706) 216-1485 for a FREE ESTIMATE on your scrap metal.

we buy scrap llc

400 Waste and Scrap services the following North Georgia area with metal recycling and scrap removal; Cumming, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Gainesville, Dawsonville, Jasper in the North Georgia Counties of Pickens, Lumpkin, Dawson, Forsyth and Hall.

Mega Metals is committed to delivering quality titanium products with utmost Integrity and providing first-class customer service. Contact us today for a quote on selling your titanium scrap or buying quality titanium products.

Including steel, shredding material, tin, sheet iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, junk cars. Scrap prices are dependent on the market and may vary day to day. We offer the most competitive scrap prices in Buffalo NY!

We are headquartered on a 55 acre 100% concrete yard, complete with rail siding, two truck scales, indoor car processing building and non ferrous building. We have feeder yards in North Buffalo, South Buffalo, Cheektowaga and Royalton NY, where you can also receive cash for your scrap.

Niagara Metals in Cheektowaga made my first trip to a scrap metal place a pleasant experience. I dealt with two guys in the yard and a cashier to get my money and they were all extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you to Niagara Metals for the superior customer service.

Niagara Metals has served Western New York and the greater Buffalo area since the 1890s. We have grown to include 5 WNY facilities with our headquarters on our 55 acre Niagara Falls scrap lot. We work closely with our parent company Triple M Metal and our sister company Premier Metals in Rochester.

Let us handle the logistics of your commercial projects. We work will all major manufacturers and supply houses. We can receive your new equipment, deliver it right to your job site, and we can haul away the old equipment - all while paying you more for your scrap!

Rapp Scrap is the #1 partner of Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractors. We understand your business and through honesty, expertise, and hard work we have grown into the Authority of HVAC Recycling. Let us make sure you recover the absolute most value for your scrap material. We have relationships with crane companies and supply houses across the state of Florida and can handle any commercial project needs you may have, from delivery to hauling away and tear down. We are ready to help you capitalize on a secondary aspect of your business that you may not be as focused on as we are. Our Recovery Program is one of a kind and we can guarantee you will be impressed. We are EPA Licensed and can handle any refrigerant left in a system.

Keep your technicians where they make you the most the field doing service and change outs. Let us handle your recycling. Our Recovery Process is unique and will get you the most value out of your scrap.

Thank you for choosing Oceana Auto LLC as your scrap metal provider. We are happy to provide you with a massive yard full of used truck and auto scrap metals. We are your one-stop shop for any scrap metal that you may be looking for. We have fair prices, friendly faces, and great service. Looking to get rid of scrap? We buy that too!

Scrap Management is a top rated plastic recycling company. Our services benefit businesses generating large quantities of scrap plastic for recycling. Our recycling experts can tailor a recycling program for your specific operation.

Save the environment and get paid in the process? For selling scrap metal, Roane Metals Group is the logical solution to get the highest pay for your metal sales, whether you are looking to make some extra cash from your recyclable aluminum cans or wanting to sell an old automobile or appliance. span line-height: 2; .shortcode-rand-15:hover .feature-box-icon background: none; "">Individual/GroupsIndividuals & Groups looking for metal recycling can expect the highest scrap metal prices from Roane Metal Group.Learn More. span line-height: 2; .shortcode-rand-16:hover .feature-box-icon background: none; "">CommercialCommercial companies partner with Roane Metals to help the environment while converting scrap metal into cash for your business.Learn More. span line-height: 2; .shortcode-rand-17:hover .feature-box-icon background: none; "">IndustrialMajor Industrial companies can improve your profitability by partnering with Roane Metals Group to improve manufacturing safety, all while reducing waste and disposals costs.Learn More.Metal Recycling Pays OffDid you know that if recycled properly, the recyclable materials currently sitting in US landfills would amount to over $7 billion? Did you also know that the entire US recycling industry generates over $236 billion annually?

Roane Metals Group offers you the ability, whether person or company, to get in on the action without having to start your own metals recycling company! By buying the full spectrum of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, you can trade almost any metal, from old cars to railroad tracks into cash with ease.

Additionally, our highly trained staff, combined with honest weights, are our secret weapons in maximizing your scrap metal rates and payout. We can honestly say with confidence that our rates are competitive with some of the highest market rates for your scrap metal anywhere in Knoxville.

We offer highly competitive scrap metal prices when buying your scrap and work to ensure our customers get the most money for their scrap metal. To determine scrap prices, we use current market prices for metals, industry demand, and quantity.

Modern Metals Recycling is a family-owned scrap metals recycling and processing company with 3 locations in southern Louisiana, specializing in scrap and commercial metal recycling, including demolition on land and water.

We understand the importance of recycling to the local economy as well as the global trade market. By processing millions of tons of scrap each year, SA Recycling aids in meeting the demands of both domestic and international manufacturers.

Welcome to Ozaukee Iron & Metal (OIM), buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. We are a full-service metal facility that serves numerous sectors of the community. We cater to individual customers, contractors and large corporations. Our core values of integrity and honesty ensures that OIM customers receive maximum value for their scrap metal.

SMS do Brasil, a Brazilian affiliate of Scrap Metal Services, started operations on the site in 2020, investing over USD10MM for a multi-year contract. Services included slag management, scrap handling, and other logistics. After less than two years of operation, ArcelorMittal decided to expand its partnership with SMS by adding additional scrap processing activities that require a further USD6MM of investment in the facility.

These items are bought and paid for based only their metal value. No artistic value is taken into consideration. All jewelry we buy is considered scrap metal. Unless it is something very special, most precious metal buyers will do the same.

Venture Metals + is a full-scale scrap processor with direct access to foundries, mills, and end consumers; and is a leader in the environmental services industry. We provide recycling, reclamation, and investment recovery services to industrial, manufacturing, and service facilities around the world.

We purchase, broker, and market ferrous and non-ferrous export scrap metal from targeted sources. We take active positions and partner with other qualified metal recyclers to deliver goods under our label.

We buy steel, aluminum, copper, stainless, brass, tin and more. Our leadership team has over 100 years of experience in the metal recycling business; we've earned a reputation for honesty and integrity. By using the most efficient technologies and sustainable practices in our industry, we can offer Oregon and Washington residents better service and better value for their scrap metal.

Our company seeks to provide scrap metal recycling solutions, but we also buy electronics. We purchase non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal, including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and more. We also recycle car batteries, radiators, rims, beverage cans, copper and aluminum wire, catalytic converters, A/C units, appliances, and more. And we pay our clients instantly. Generally, our company buys anything that is made of metal. 041b061a72


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