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Eazy E Eazy Duz It Feat Dr Dre Mc Ren

He first appeared on the hip hop scene with Daz Dillinger, during which time an independent album release was expected. However, no contract was actually signed. Lil Eazy E formally was signed to Virgin Records; however, a change in executive management at Virgin, delayed the release of his anticipated album "Prince of Compton". Lil Eazy-E left Virgin Records for a deal with Blackground and Universal Motown Records Group in 2006. With Blackground Records being urban based, no album was released so Lil Eazy E used this time to record singles upon singles. During which time, he did features with several artists including The Game, Jim Jones, Kokane, as well as other artists. Lil Eazy E released a mixtape which received international attention. In 2011, Blackground finally released Lil Eazy E, giving him the freedom to do as he pleased with his music.

Eazy E Eazy Duz It Feat Dr Dre Mc Ren

With over 49 unreleased new recordings in the past few years as a solo artist as well as over 20 songs with his group, Compton MoneyGang, Lil Eazy E is set make his mark on the hip hop scene with an album which will include features from the likes of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ice Cube, and many others. 041b061a72


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