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Download Game Something Unlimited В» Socigames

But downloading it from mega is a real hassle for me. Mega is slow, crashes my webbrowser and even has a maximum daily download limit. Sadly many other games like this on itch did not get the upload file size limit lifted by itch staff, and even more sadly many of those games creators also use mega for uploading, so I have to carefully choose only a few of them to download at each day because of the limits of mega.

Download Game Something Unlimited В» Socigames

Download For Gallery UnlockerMEDIAFIRE *Version .09013 **Just overwrite the www/data folder from the original game archive you downloaded, Reversing the mod will not re-lock the scenes you had unlocked by playing the game.Download For PatchINCEST PATCH *Version .09013 *If you use an older patch for a newer version of the game, your game will definitely be bugged.

Installation:Windows:Go into the game folder www>data . Extract or copy the mod files into this folder replacing the old file.Mac:Replace the map028.json file wherever that is stored normally under www>data in the game folderAndroid:Decompile apk, replace the file and recompile againDownload For Gallery UnlockerMEDIAFIRE *Version .09013 **Just overwrite the www/data folder from the original game archive you downloaded, Reversing the mod will not re-lock the scenes you had unlocked by playing the game.Download For PatchINCEST PATCH *Version .09013 *If you use an older patch for a newer version of the game, your game will definitely be bugged.

Question, I am a paid supporter of your game but for some reason I'm only ever allowed to downlosd the 2nd most recent versions even though I get your emails saying I can download the newest. Right now it's just .16 for me. Are the newest releases patreon only?

When I downloaded v25, and tried to continue from an old version, I get the "Save files from old versions of this game are not supported." How do I fix this, or do I have to start the whole game from the beginning? Please help, and thank you.

question. Is the vampire girl in the demo? If so how to trigger event. Also please answer my previous comment on specifically when this game will be on steam. If its still undetermined sorry for making this comment look something like a complain or something?.

Who knows man. When it comes to downloading games off of steam or other official apps, sometimes that pops up. I've downloaded an app before and my phone says its VERY dangerous but ive used it for 4 years. Up to you if you're going to download now or wait for the reply of the creator. :)

The problem is not in the game, but in the fact that the itch application does not install the game correctly. If you install the game manually (by downloading the archive from the site manually and unzipping it), then this problem will not occur. We contacted support but they didn't answer. Therefore, the only solution is to install manually.

Hello there dev i just want to point out some of the bug that i found recently:1. If u had the older version of the game ( 0.9.0 ) copying the patch file into the game directory will result to image not found. But it will be solve if u download the whole new version of the game.2. In the party, your conversation with nikki will be cut of and directed to Vlad outside the building ( if u not developing any relationship with nikki ) and u cant even talk to nikki again after that but if u had some kind of relationship with nikki it proceed without problemi will edit this comment again if i found any bug.

Pretty good, writing is soild, art is great other then a few placeholder images, combats is pretty easy and some gameplay mechanics like the scroll isn't finished yet. Also I tried looking so im just ask here, I got Weiss up to three hearts before winter appeared as is required for her path, but im on day 90 and so far there is no indication that I unlocked it, so did I miss something or do I have to wait until a certain day until her path begins?

I absolutely love this game and the future potential for the finished routes and gameplay, and I can't wait to download and play a later, more updated version. My only issue is why is Ozpin such an ass in this game?? I swear he wasn't nearly this bad in the show lol.

The android port for the game is still under-development and testing. You can download it to try and the game runs just fine but it is a work in progress. We are still looking at options to tweak it to make it better.

Did I break the game somehow? Was i supposed to get Belle before Jessica Rabbit or something? I can't even finish the dates with Cinderella because the two villains I can't get an intro to are keeping my park rating in the tanks so I can't frigging take her out.

Really good foundation for a game, and the artwork is nice. Love the concept, and would like to see it expanded on beyond what I feel are the basic princesses. It has a little bit of the "everyone needs a big chest to be attractive" vibe to it, like a lot of these games. A little variety wouldn't hurt it in that department imo. It feels like after two years of development it would have a smoother flow to the base game. There is a lot of repetition in drawing/upgrading things that just amounts to click on the dwarf cave, choose upgrade, go back to your office cycle through 2-5 days, rinse repeat dozens of times. That's not fun, like at all. Sure, you can do other stuff and not rush through it, but honestly there isn't enough content there to fill all of that time day wise, being only able to do one thing per day or night per princess. Why not overcome some of the tedium there with a simple "upgrade all" button, and then just let them upgrade in order over time or whatever. There would still be a lot of cycling through the days just to get it done, but it would take out some of the annoyance of having to click back and forth through the map/menus. Another issue I ran into was the park rating going down to zero and being unable to date the girls. Just something that says "do this to unlock the schedule to bring rating back up" would help. It seems like a weird thing to keep out of reach from players until they jump through all the hoops of unlocking the schedule tab on their own, not even being told it exists. The park rating mechanic as a whole seems pointless outside preventing dates. If it effects money, I didn't notice, but with it being as hard as it is to raise again, I'm glad it doesn't. All that aside though, it's a unique experience and I look forward to future updates! 041b061a72


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