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Power Transformer Design Tool [REPACK]

Our web-based proprietary tools help you find the parts to optimize your designs, streamlining your search for the best solution. This search is often complex. Our tools will help simplify the process.

Power Transformer Design Tool

Magnetic Builder is a useful magnetic design software. It is a tool for user to create his/her own magnetic component (inductor and transformer) by selecting different ferrite core, bobbin type and winding method. Engineering drawing will be automatically produced to reduce user work load.

  • Inductor/Transfomer are necessary parts of switching power supply circuits.The Advantages of Using TransformersTransformers used with the three basic topologies offer certain advantages over the simple circuits introduced in the previous section. Namely:They provide isolation between input supply and output DC lines, and between one DC output line and another.

  • Suitable choice of turns ratio can ensure that near optimum duty cycle is used, even when input and output voltages are widely different.

  • The buck, boost and flyback topologies provide outputs which are, respectively, lower, higher, or polarity reversed versions of the input supply. A transformer/inductor can effectively remove all these inherent constraints, and, by so doing, enable any special topological property to be taken advantage of, if desired.

  • A single regulator system can produce more than one separate DC output line by using a number of secondary windings.

WEBENCH Power Designer creates customized power supply circuits based on your requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end power supply design capabilities that save you time during all phases of the design process.

The customize, simulate and export design steps from our former version of WEBENCH Power Designer have been split from a single screen into three new screens, with logical steps to guide you through the power design flow.

Just by selecting and entering the required design conditions, not only the number of turns is calculated but also the optimum shape and materials are automatically chosen. Then the transformer specification is created and provided to customer. Samples of the recommended transformer design can be ordered via the designated distributor.The transformers provided by this design tool, are based on TDK's original ECO series which is manufactured via an automated winding process enabling high quality and stable production.

Magnetics design tools assist engineers in optimizing their Magnetics components. Targeted to specific applications, each software package offers a core selection routine and contains online Help to guide design engineers through the selection and optimization process. Additional references are included to assist with more involved designs.

The Magnetics Curve Fit Equation Tool is an Excel file for design engineers working on calculations from the formulas in 2020 Magnetics Powder Core Catalog. Magnetic component engineers can compare the core performance including permeability vs. DC Bias, core loss density, normal magnetization, permeability vs. AC Flux, permeability vs. frequency, and permeability vs. temperature. This fully functional tool provides six comparison tables in this file based on eight different powder core materials, MPP, High Flux, Kool Mu, XFlux, Kool Mµ MAX, Kool Mµ Hƒ, Edge, and 75 Series.

This design utility aids the designer in specifying the optimum core based on a variety of different current sensing schemes; including Hall Effect devices, current transformers for switched mode power supplies, and traditional current transformers. Materials offered are Kool Mµ, MPP, ferrites, and strip wound core materials including 3% Si steel and Ni-Fe alloys.

Mostly for now , we have single output transformer designs enabled in WEBENCH. And the transformer which shows up in that design condition will contain details on core part number, bobbin part number, wire AWG, turns, layers, strands, etcI am sharing one design example with you for your reference, regarding how it looks like -

Design your isolated high-voltage power supply as well as the transformer. In this video we will take you through the design process of designing an isolated AC/DC or DC/DC power supply. We will highlight the key design constraints for designing the transformer and show you how the WEBENCH tool designs the transformer for you. Using this video, for example, you will be easily be able to design a low-voltage DC power for a handheld device from a high-voltage AC power socket using the Flyback topology, while maintaining low cost, high efficiency and small size.

Power supplies incorporating flyback transformers are used in many different products. The topology is well documented and multiple specialized ICs are available for designers to use when developing a power supply for a specific application.However, the component most impacting flyback power stage design is the transformer. Variables such as input/output voltage and current, number of windings, turns ratio of windings and switching frequency are used to determine the transformer characteristics needed to meet the required power supply performance. Unless the designer can follow a reference design with readily available parts they will need to either design a custom flyback transformer or find an off the shelf transformer with the appropriate characteristics. Pros of using a custom transformer is a part that exactly meets the requirements. Cons of a custom transformer are the costs and time needed to design, prototype and acquire the custom part. The challenge involved in finding an off the shelf part are all the variables and analysis involved in determining an appropriate transformer.

Würth Elektronik has developed tools to help customers with the task of finding potential off the shelf transformers for their power stage designs. REDEXPERT is an online collection of component selection and design tools.

The MPS LLC Tool will help you to define a value for the resonant tank (formed by Lr, Cr and Lm) to ensure that the converter is working on the quasi resonant region achieving soft switching.The tool will suggest a design solution depending on the Input-Output specification but the user can modify the key parameters.

LLC converters are becoming more and more famous because of their ability to achieve high powerdensities with low losses. This behaviour is achieved by means of soft switching techniques. Theone most commonly used in this type of converter is zero voltage switching (ZVS). What the designermust guarantee is that once the transistor switches, the voltage of the drain source (Vds) must beclose to zero. Then the switching losses (known as the product of Vds by the transistor current)are drastically reduced. Obtaining this scenario within all input-output conditions is not an easytask. MPS with this tool wants to speed up the design process of this type of converters.

LTpowerCAD enables designers to find and design power solutions in five simple steps. Optimization of the power solution can quickly and simply be accomplished in this interactive environment. A detailed summary of the design will be provided by the tool.

Switching power supply design can often be a challenging and time-consuming experience. Typically, this requires knowledge of aspects such as control loop compensation, IC operation and capabilities, filtering, and even power loss mechanisms related to DC/DC switching regulators. This video guides the user through the entire design process to reduce design effort and speed up design time.

INTEGRATED Engineering Software (IES) is proud to feature tools ideal for transformer manufacturing and design optimization. Transformer analysis is one of the most widely used applications for our electromagnetic simulation software, and our customers depend on accurate, reliable results. IES has helped the power and distribution, and manufacturing industries for decades, solving complex design challenges in an effort to make power systems and their components more efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Waukesha transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest IEEE , NEMA, ANSI or IEC standards, as well as the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015. Advanced engineering tools and software are also utilized:

Many people don't realize that a transformer labeled for use with a specific voltage will work just as well at other voltages. This calculator provides power delivered from a transformer tap when driven with other than the rated voltage.

Where: Prated = transformer tap value Pactual = new power from tap Vrated = voltage rating of transformer Vnew = new voltage

The Inductor Design software allows engineers to choose from several topologies like Power Factor Correction or AC inductor, collects all the pertinent electrical, thermal and mechanical inputs, and returns a wide range of solutions that can be sorted based upon key criteria. The results can also be downloaded for closer analysis. Our inductor calculator is an easy-to-use yet powerful design tool for experienced or early career engineers or designers.

PowerEsim is a free web-based power supply design tool which is sponsored by component manufacturers and active members. It provides a virtual environment that users can build hundreds of "real" power supply with real constructed transformer and see all loss, stress, life, temperature in a fraction of a second.

Magnetic Builder is part of the powerful design tool that allows users to create magnetic components by selecting different core materials, bobbin type and winding methods. All the custom magnetic components can be saved and incorporated onto a power supply. Engineering drawings will be automatically produced to reduce userwork load.

After the initial optimization pass, the transformer screen lets you change any of the more than 20 design parameters, such as number of turns; wire gauge and type; number of parallel strands; gap length; layer insulation thickness; wrapper thickness and end margin lengths. The program will analyze your changes and immediately show the calculated results each time a parameter is altered. You can easily optimize and compare several designs using different core types and materials. Once the design is complete, the winding specification and a complete electrical performance summary can be displayed or printed.


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