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How To Buy A Good Mattress __LINK__

The general rule is that you should change your mattress every 7-10 years. After frequent use from sleeping on it each night, a mattress loses its shape and no longer provides a surface for restorative sleep.

how to buy a good mattress

Most mattresses last between 7-10 years, but this varies by type. Innersprings have the shortest lifespan between 7-8 years, foam mattresses are in the middle lasting up to 10 years, and latex mattresses last the longest at up to 15 years.

The best mattress will differ from person to person based on their individual sleep styles and preferences. Different sleepers need different things from a mattress, so the right mattress for you may not always be the best mattress for someone else. Below are some of our recommendations based on our in-depth testing and review process.

Because of the hug that memory foam provides, this mattress type has been known to sleep hot. However, Helen Sullivan, spokesperson for CertiPUR-US, advises that this issue has largely been alleviated with new foam technology:

When you think of traditional mattresses, innerspring, or coil, is probably what comes to mind. This is one of the most widely used types of mattresses and is made with at least one layer of spring metal coils. Innerspring mattresses have great bounce, strong edge support, and are usually pretty good about keeping you cool.

If you and your significant other want different things in a mattress, then a hybrid might be the best option for you. However, getting the best of both worlds can sometimes mean a higher price point. Hybrid mattresses can also be extremely heavy, making transporting and handling challenging in some cases.

Support in a mattress is crucial for ensuring a healthy back, healthy joints, and a long-lasting bed. Spine alignment, pressure relief, edge support, and durability are some of the most important factors to consider for support.

Firmness is a critical factor to look at when purchasing a mattress, because it determines both comfort and support. Keep in mind your own preferences and needs when deciding on a firmness level that works for you. While everyone is different, the type of sleeper you are usually helps dictate the level of mattress firmness you should look for to make your ideal comfort level.

If you are an eco-conscious consumer or have an allergy to consider when choosing a mattress, look for Green Certifications, CertiPUR-US certifications, or for mattresses made using organic materials. While these types of mattresses can be more expensive, they offer consumers a high-quality sleep experience.

Most of our favorite mattresses ship free and fast, but you should also pay attention to how it ships. If you live in a small or walk-up apartment, then mattresses that ship condensed in a box might be more convenient than mattresses that ship full size.

Side sleepers should look for a medium to medium-firm mattress that strikes a balance between contouring comfort and base support. Memory foam or foam blend mattresses tend to be ideal for side sleepers. These beds do a good job of evenly distributing body weight across the mattress to avoid pain in the pressure points of the shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers require a firm mattress that supports the pressure placed on the lumbar spine due to this sleeping position. Keeping the hips in line with the shoulders is critical, so avoiding a mattress that is too soft and might cause sinkage is a must for overall comfort and sleep quality.

Back sleeping is the best sleeping position for you so long as your mattress also supports proper spine alignment. People who sleep on their back need a mattress that balances comfort and support to hug your body in all the right places but provide pushback where needed. Back sleepers will benefit from a medium firm mattress that supports possible tension areas and keeps the hips and shoulders in alignment.

The good news is mattress prices are negotiable at most retailers, but the main strategy is to try to play one seller off of another. For example, if you secure a quote from one store, you can take it to their competitor and see that they beat the price. You can continue this process on and on and on by taking that lower price to a different competitor, and negotiating that price down even further. Another option would be to find the mattress you want online, and then get the retailer to match the price you see online.

Buying a new mattress is a big investment, and the best time to buy a mattress is obviously when the prices are discounted the most. Luckily, those times come at fairly predictable and frequent times throughout the year for many mattress brands and retail stores.

For taller or larger folks, California king mattresses might seem attractive. Buyers of both king sizes should be aware of increased costs for the bed itself and accessories, and more challenging set-up due to the size and weight of the mattress.

If ever there were a type of sleeper in need of a Goldilocks mattress solution, it would be back sleepers. Too firm, and these folks could experience unnecessary tension at the shoulders and lower back. Too soft, and their hips could sink out of alignment with their shoulders, resulting in a bowed back and shooting pains up the spine. Therefore, these dreamers need a medium firm feel that falls right in the middle of these two extremes.

In my experience, back sleepers will want to go with a bed that lands somewhere in the 5.5-7/10 range on the firmness scale, with 1 being the softest mattress in the world and 10 being the firmest mattress in the world. For reference, 6.5 is typically considered to be the industry standard for medium firmness.

Though back sleepers are lucky in that they can usually find comfort on a variety of different types of mattresses and materials, I recommend that these folks check out hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and coil layers (more on that later!) For specific mattress recommendations, check out my Best Mattress for Back Sleepers guide.

Best Mattress For Stomach SleepersWinkBed MattressThe WinkBed is a hybrid mattress that comes in three firmness levels, so most sleepers should find a model that suits their needs. It could also be a good fit for couples, thanks to reinforced edge support.

And finally, combo sleepers, those folks who combine all three positions into a snuggly smörgåsbord of comfort. A popular sleeping style, but one that requires a dynamic mattress able to provide comfort across the back, side, and stomach.

Best Mattress For Light SleepersCasper Original MattressThe Casper Original is an all-foam mattress that is a great option for back sleepers who want a balance of support and pressure relief. Combination sleepers will appreciate this mattress's responsiveness, which makes it easy to change positions throughout the night.

"From the delivery of the box to the magical unfolding of the king size mattress to the first time laying on the bed, all smiles here! I have traveled for work for years, often sleeping on different beds at different hotels night after night."

Memory foam mattresses are built predominantly with memory foam, a material known for its slow response to pressure and deep contouring hug. Therefore, they provide an immense amount of pressure relief at sensitive spots like the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Best For: I tend to recommend innerspring mattresses for folks in need of major support, namely back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and heavier sleepers. They may also work well for those who prefer a supremely bouncy structure.

Best Innerspring MattressBrooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid MattressThe Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a hybrid mattress made out of a combination of memory foam and latex foam. The Signature offers a good amount of bounce that combination sleepers who move around in the middle of the night can enjoy.

Best For: Hybrid mattresses can work well for a wide range of sleepers, but I tend to recommend them for back sleepers and combo sleepers. These folks should appreciate both the added support of these beds as well as their bounce and mobility.

Best Hybrid MattressDreamCloud Original MattressThe DreamCloud Mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress made with layers of memory foam and pocketed coils. It offers a great combination of support and pressure relief that back sleepers will really enjoy.

Warranty: Reading the fine print before buying a mattress is also worth your time. Most mattresses come with a warranty that typically ranges from five years to a lifetime policy. However, what your mattress warranty covers can vary and so do the costs associated. Some warranties come with free repairs or replacements, while others are prorated or pass on any associated transportation costs to the mattress owner.

The best mattress to buy depends on your preferences like your sleeping style, budget, and if you have any aches and pains that need to be addressed. The best mattress for a lightweight adult who sleeps alone will be different from the best mattress for a couple that needs motion isolation.

Mattresses come with a large variety of features to suit different types of sleepers. If you tend to sleep hot, look for a mattress with cooling features or a naturally breathable bed like a hybrid or innerspring. If you wake easily from a partner rolling over or pets jumping onto the bed, be sure to look for materials that help isolate motion.

Mattresses come in a standard set of sizes that range from twin through king, with some less common sizes like California king and split king offered by some brands. Your sleeping style, room size, and whether you share the bed will all impact which size mattress is best for you. Those co-sleeping with a partner or pets are likely to feel more comfortable on a larger mattress that allows everyone to spread out. People with smaller bedrooms or apartments may be limited on space and could fare best with a full bed or smaller. Keep in mind that not only does the size impact width, but length as well. 041b061a72


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