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HD Online Player (Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA)

Multiplayer is of course included, but with no real new features to talk about compared to past entries. You can take part in custom battles online or play a campaign with someone. Sadly, historic battles have not returned (where you could refight real historical battles), nor has the Avatar feature from Shogun II: Total War (where you could kind of create your own personal general for online glory). One of the most profoundly disappointing limitations of the series - that of restricting the online campaign to two players - is continued here. So while the single player campaign increasingly adopts Cvilization-inspired features, the multiplayer unfortunately does not and there's a lot of catching up to be done on that front.

HD Online Player (Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA)

You'll be able to see who's online and find multiplayer games organized by other members of the group. As everyone in the group owns the game and is interested in playing online, it's the perfect place to find other players!

After having some issues and going to them for assistance, the reps acted like petulant, argumentative children in their efforts to prove why I was both wrong and an absolute bastard for seeking help in a minor matter. They twisted facts, intentionally misunderstood questions, and squirmed away from responsibility on their end, eventually cutting off communication after we came to an inadequate conclusion. They lied when all the evidence pointed to the contrary, and going by various reports online, they have a record of doing the same to other players.


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