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Buy Kimono Online

Every day, we receive dozens of happy comments and beautiful photos from all around the world. We are so happy to see their big smiles! We treasure the photos and the comments and value a friendly relationship with our customers. Why don't you take a few moments to look at the lovely photos of our customers enjoying their kimonos?

buy kimono online

We always stock more than 1,000 designs of yukata kimonos, traditional Japanese kimonos, obi belts, hakama pants, and so on. Our store manager, a professional kimono buyer, has chosen every one of them carefully.

Please do check out our entire store. We're sure you'll find a kimono that you'll fall in love with. Also, we promise that you'll marvel at the beauty and magnificence of Japanese tradition through yukata kimonos and traditional Japanese kimonos!

The Leaf is an elegant navy and white Kimono style jacket in 100% Natural Eri Peace silk. An elaborate body of navy blue leaf and stem with a bold navy blue border highlighting the design throughout the front and back. These kimonos have a fluid silhouette and can be used as an overdress or coat, over a simple top and bottom or even a dress. They hang loose with drop shoulders and wide sleeves. The side slits making it an extremely comfortable wear. Slow fashion at its best these are suitable as formals, and easily converts your day look to an evening wear.

Our Organic, NAVY and WHITE silk kimono is made of Eri silk which is strong, dense and highly durable wild silk. The silk from this natural fibre is readily biodegradable after serving its full lifecycle and has low environmental impact. Besides being 100% hypoallergic and antibacterial, due to its thermal properties, eri silk is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Product Care- With a little love and care, your NAVY and WHITE organic silk kimono will last you for years. We celebrate re-use, swapping and encourage you to repair whenever possible.

We receive many inquiries about our Japan travel information. At the same time many also asked us where they can get Kimono from Japan. Like any online shop in this world, there seem several scam cases where no product arrived and the customer got a very different item from what they ordered.

As we mentioned above, there are almost always "stories" on each Kimono. If you buy online, when you get the item in your hand, you always have the risk of finding something you did not find when ordering on PC/smartphone screen. Some shops deliberately not disclose it even.

Trust worthy online Kimono shops have the detailed descriptions about the item as to if any spot, dirt, damage, sunburn, hole. Gorgeous Kimono or rare design Kimono sell very fast thus it is sometimes a matter of time if you can get it and you want to decide quick and pay quick. Some online shoppers buy without reading the description. In other words, if you find no description, just do not buy it.

In next section, we share with you several most common issues you may come across when buying from Japanese Kimono online shops. And in the last section, we introduce where best and safest to buy Kimono online from Japan.

We view that many of Kimono shops in Japan are honestly trying hard to give you the best value for the best of Kimono culture, and that mistakes can happen when dealing with heavy load. But, as the best partner of our reader, there are issues we need to inform you when buying from an online Kimono shop from Japan. Therefore, you have minimum risk (hopefully!).

And unfortunately we have experienced sometimes dishonesty with some online Kimono shops. It is not always but it does happen (happened to us) that the shops only put photos of the nice parts of Kimono and hide the part full of spots or dirt. When we received the items, we were so disappointed to find out the Kimono was full of spots and just un-wearable. There is little point arguing about this for a long time with the shop when it is so far away and not ready to communicate in English.

You ordered and paid, your item does not come to your hand. It is another common issue. When an online Kimono shop not familiar with overseas shipment, Kimono is more likely to be stopped at the custom. In such case, you often need to travel to the custom office (which is usually located at an inconvenient address deliberately) and fill in the form, explain and pay the additional import tax.

There are shops which do not ship simply (but take money from you!). It is just a scam. Yes, Japan is a trademark for credibility. Yet, you can not always expect that you have no problem because you buy from online shops in Japan. There are many kind of people in Japan (there are many shops these days selling Kimono it is not because they are passionate about Kimono but just want to make money. Nothing wrong with that as long as treating customer with care and honesty but there are also people who abuse this chance to steal money from you) today and because of the power of online, you can not see in person the face of the shop owner.

Well, for instance, you found two suspicious online shops, one is selling really cheap and the other selling super expensive? Our recommendation is just to skip them. But if you insist, of course, go for the cheap one. Even if in both case you lose money, you lose not as much as the other option.

We have worked with major TV broadcasters around the world and online media to carry out their tasks in Japan. We make planning, arrangement with the venues, also hire local professional crew (videographer, photographer, editor, makeup artist, stylist, model, interpreter, translator etc. ) for the project. We are the one news providers for Japanese and international news papers.

The kimono patterns and motifs have symbolic meanings mostly related to seasons. For instance pine, chrysanthemum and bamboo branches represent winter while cherry blossom and plum flower represent spring. Monthly festivals and new year celebrations can also easily be found on kimono decorations.

Nowadays, the kimono is rarely worn every day. The garment is now used for festivals, tea ceremonies, weddings, and other important events in Japan. A type of kimono, known as the yukata, is usually worn during the summer season and is also available in traditional Japanese ryokan. Most people who still wear the kimono are elderly Japanese men and women. Other professionals like the geisha and sumo wrestlers also wear traditional clothing as it is part of their occupation.

The Kimono for women may have either twelve or more pieces. Usually, in kimono rentals and studios, one would need assistance or help in wearing the kimono. These professional dressers help with tying the obi and with the clothing layers. A tomesode is known as the most formal kimono and is worn by married Japanese women. The cloth has a pattern and is always found below the waist.

The design of kimono for men show lesser designs than the kimono worn by women. The kimono designed for men has sleeves attached to the body and are less deep than the kimono sleeves of women. When the modern era arrived, the fabric of kimono for men became the guide in distinguishing. Kimono for men were matte and showed subtle pattern. Though mostly had dark colours, other kimono had bright colors like green and blue.

Kimono Yukata Market Sakura is an online shop that provides buyers authentic kimono material from Tokyo, Japan. Aside from being an online shop, Kimono Yukata Market Sakura also has a physical office located in Tokyo for the accessibility of other people. Their goal is to increase awareness about Japanese Culture and tradition through the wearing of their national costume.

Kimonoya Japan is an online store that sells traditional Japanese clothing for men and women. Other than the costume, the store also sells books, kimono accessories, and other Japanese items. The store is known for selling preloved Japanese clothing and vintage items. Kimonoya Japan also has a local shop located in Osaka, where guests can have a photo shoot while wearing the kimono.

Since 1996, Kyoto Kimono has been serving clients traditional Japanese garments like kimono for women, men, and children. They store specializes in vintage fabrics which come straight from markets and auction houses in Kyoto, inspite not having a physical store. They also sell decorations and accessories, as well as bridal wear and other collectible Japanese items. Aside from clothing, they offer textile tour in Kyoto where guests can see traditional artisans and the process of dyeing fabrics.

- Kimono means thing (mono) to wear (kiru). Kimono first emerged as an under garment for the Japanese aristocrats during the Heian period. Back then the court nobles used to wear kimono-like outfits that had a total of 12 layers. Later it became a formal wear. During the Edo period commoners were pu

Sharing traditional Japanese fashion and goods in New York City for over 20 years, Kimono House offers casual and vintage one of a kind kimonos, jackets, obi sashes, and more. We have full ensemble options for special events, too!

A Japanese holiday celebrating children becoming 3, 5, and 7 years old, children are dressed up in the most colorful and detailed kimono outfits. Call or visit to see what we can prepare for the holiday!

Whether it's graduation or a wedding there are kimonos available for any gender and age to be dressed their best for important days. Everything from the most formal events to causal parties is here at the Kimono House.

One option is to head to shopping malls like Aeon and snag a brand new kimono off the rack. Regular shops like these sometimes have sales, though you usually get no more than 10% off. General secondhand clothing stores (furugiya) like Mode Off and Chicago (especially the branches in Harajuku) are also good choices. Alternatively, you could try one of the following kimono specialists.

Any of the numerous Tansuya stores are ideal places to score a routinely-offered discount, as well as face-to-face kimono dressing assistance. A popular chain that sells new and recycled kimono, Tansuya is a go-to choice for both kimono experts and newbies. Their secondhand kimonos start from a few thousand yen. 041b061a72


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