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LARRY KING: Good evening. I'm Larry King and welcome to Take One Step for a Healthy Heart. I'm here tonight because I'm very, very involved in this topic. In 1987, February of 1987, I had a heart attack. Before that I had not done very much about health in my life. I smoked. I didn't watch what I eat or had eaten. I didn't exercise. The heart attack shocked me, shocked my family, but there I was. And I had to change.

DR. MICHAEL ROIZEN: I don't know. I say the most important number you know other than your spouse's birthday is your blood pressure. And we know the ideal blood pressure for preventing heart disease, stroke, memory loss, all of them, but especially heart disease, is 115/75. And we now know how to get it there in virtually everyone. There is no reason anyone should have a blood pressure other than that, and they ought to know what it is when they're doing their job as well, because that's the period they spend a lot of time at.

The bawdy atmosphere in the office was epitomized by WASHINGTON'S forty-first birthday bash in November 1993. SCOTT and MAARUP were in the office that day EASTON had already been terminated. LAMONTE had told two employees, one male and one female, to buy "knickknacks" and "fun things" to use in decorating WASHINGTON'S office. LAMONTE specifically asked that they purchase a dildo for WASHINGTON as a joke gift. The result of this shopping *1374 spree left WASHINGTON'S office decorated with pictures of nude men, condoms and a ring-toss game that used the inflated penis of a male blow-up doll as the post. MAARUP, aware of the decor in WASHINGTON'S office, chose not to attend. SCOTT, however, did go to the party for approximately ten minutes because she was curious to see WASHINGTON'S reaction to the decorations and LAMONTE'S gift.

As plaintiffs' counsel admitted on the eve of trial, plaintiffs have a complete failure of proof as to any quid pro quo claim for relief. The evidence adduced does not show any instances where either EASTON, MAARUP or SCOTT were propositioned for sexual favors by either LAMONTE or WASHINGTON. While MAARUP and SCOTT were told by the defendants that they looked "hot," and MAARUP'S breasts and buttocks were complimented by the defendants on several occasions, both plaintiffs concede they never interpreted these comments as indicating that LAMONTE and WASHINGTON wanted to have sex with them. There is no evidence that the defendants are lesbians. In fact, the record demonstrates just the opposite. LAMONTE'S and WASHINGTON'S sexual attraction to men was manifest by such evidence as the kinds of decorations chosen for WASHINGTON'S birthday party,[7] LAMONTE'S flirtatious questioning of the outside services employee and the numerous discussions these woman participated in concerning their own and other employees' heterosexual sexual experiences. Finally, the plaintiffs testified that they were not required to expose their breasts or other private parts in order to maintain their employment. Nor was their participation in the offensive conduct in the office implicitly or expressly tied to continued employment, a job benefit or the ability to avoid a job detriment. Nichols, 42 F.3d at 511. Therefore, summary judgement is appropriate on this issue.

Another example is SCOTT'S attendance at WASHINGTON'S birthday party. She can not maintain that the sexual conduct she observed at the party was offensive to her as sexual harassment. She could have chosen not to attend as did MAARUP. Instead, SCOTT voluntarily and willingly participated in the celebration in order to observe WASHINGTON'S reaction.

Returning to the facts of this case, the plaintiffs have not adduced evidence that would demonstrate discrimination based on gender existed in the Glendale office of CROSSLAND. LAMONTE and WASHINGTON treated all the women in the office in the same manner as the plaintiffs. LAMONTE and WASHINGTON treated each other in the same way as well. Indeed, they even treated the men similarly by including them in some the situations the plaintiffs found objectionable, such as WASHINGTON'S birthday party. Discrimination is an act of prejudice that unjustly and unlawfully excludes individuals on the basis of some immutable characteristic. LAMONTE'S and WASHINGTON'S actions were not perceived by the plaintiffs to exclude them in any way; those acts were in fact inclusive. LAMONTE and WASHINGTON presided over a bawdy sorority in which the plaintiffs were extended and accepted membership. The fact that plaintiffs found this offer distasteful is a positive reflection of their character and professionalism, but unfortunately does not advance a claim of discrimination.[10]

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