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[S2E5] The Devil You Know !!TOP!!

Rip goes to his sleeping berth, no more than a pallet next to where they keep the livery supplies, to find Beth waiting for him. Crying, he tells her he killed his family through inaction (although we know he quite literally killed his father) and Beth tells him they've got something in common, since she killed her Mom the same way (a stretch, but obviously a big motivator for her). They share their first tentative kiss.

[S2E5] The Devil You Know

Then, another scene around the dining room table, which offers Beth another reason to blow up and storm out when she calls out the perceived hypocrisy of John allowing business talk at breakfast but not at dinner. Out of the five episodes of this season far, this is the third meal she has ruined by shouting and storming out, which means it is becoming a highly recurrent theme. After she left, Dutton tells Kayce to just go tell Dan Jenkins they know he is the one that air-dropped the clover, even though they really don't and it's just an assumption.

Nguyen tells him that she needs to corroborate a couple of his quotes before she gives Dutton a chance to respond. Uh-oh. And here he was getting in with the family again. He tries to rescind his permission to quote him, but she tells him it doesn't work that way (which he ought to know, as a lawyer), and then he threatens to sue. She's not put off. Jamie's in trouble. He can't weasel out of this one so easily.

Meanwhile, Jenkins has hired the protection that Rainwater told him he'll need and that the Beck brothers demonstrated the necessity thereof. His new bodyguard Torry (Wolé Parks) shows him how to shoot a 9mm pistol, and Jenkins takes to it fairly quickly. Jenkins says he feels like a god, and Torry replies with a typically Yellowstone line of dialogue: "Whoever holds the gun is God. Until you pull the trigger, then you're the devil."

Finally, Jamie repeats another mistake when he should know better: he asks Beth for advice. Admitting to her the problem he's gotten himself into with Sarah Nguyen, he pleads with her to help him. But does she help him? No, she drags him by the hair all the way down the hall to Dutton's room. Dutton notes that in all his years, of all the times he's seen Beth real, real angry, he's never seen her this angry. The episode ends with Jamie in tears, sniveling, and Dutton standing over him, waiting for an explanation.

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In another flashback, we learn, courtesy of Eliza, of a particular Nazi with a facial deformity whom his fellows assumed was the devil or some such. Her lecture is interrupted by the news that her husband has had a car crash.

If the characters we have come to know over the past five episodes are mere chess pieces where the outcome is that some of them end up knocked over dead in the ocean, we truly are in the end game now.

Aram tells the team that there are codes hidden in the stolen in the painting that were discovered when the museum did thermal imaging to test for authenticity. Nobody knows what the codes are. Harold Cooper orders them to bring in Lillian Sharp, an FBI expert, to figure it out.

Before talking about where to watch the anime online, you might like to know its release time in other regions. On that note, the new episode of the popular anime will arrive at 8:30 AM PT/11:30 AM ET/9:00 PM IST.

The killer commits these really graphic and bloody murders, and is mostly seen as this shadowy figure with a leather glove who has a blade or a dagger instead of a pistol, and we the audience never really get to know who it is until the very end. 041b061a72


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