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Serena Grey Addicted To You Epub

readers and reviewers love dean koontz s inventive and delicious dark rivers of the heart novels. his distinctive, atmospheric stories based in the town of eden valley, idaho, are considered some of the best in modern fiction. his new compilation of the first two dark rivers books, two dark rivers, is a great value for readers who are familiar with the series and new fans who want to experience the delightful heartache and romance of eden valley. to celebrate the new release, dean has selected one lucky reader to win a copy of his latest novel, intensity.

serena grey addicted to you epub

author dean koontz shares the secret to the success of his swashbuckling good-looking heroes in the sky kings series--plus his newest book, intensity. victoria, virginia: the lush back bay neighborhood of a wealthy city that seems more like a caribbean island than the virginia coast comes to life in dean koontz s sky kings trilogy. here, the jet-setters and the wealthy rub elbows with a bevy of beautiful troublemakers, and each of the members of the original "sky kings" is on top of his personal game. his latest novels have drawn rave reviews for koontz s deft characterization of moody rich-guy heroes and his brilliant scenes of peril and adventure. his two previous novels in the sky kings trilogy, sea kings and air kings, were made into movies, and the sky kings spinoff series, the american heroes books, was published in 21 countries around the world. koontz s latest book, intensity, is the first in his latest series, the tempo novels, an edgy cast of characters that will intrigue and entertain readers. these action-packed novels feature an assortment of celebrity-like main characters struggling with nefarious situations just when they ve reached the top of their game. while koontz hasn t neglected darker fantasies, his new series contains plenty of humor, too. koontz has also written thrillers featuring return visits to his first novel, if you want to get into heaven, which centers on a computer programmer who is the target of a killer who believes he s god s chosen.


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