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500k Gaming.txt

Godzilla Multiball begins by either plunging and releasing all three balls from the magnet lock (Pro) or releasing all three balls from the building towards the flippers (Prem / LE). During Multiball, shoot lit shots for Jackpots worth 500k + 500k per Godzilla Multiball started. Each jackpot advances its corresponding shot to the next Jackpot level, up to three times per shot until the Super Jackpot is scored:

500k gaming.txt


Power-Ups are awarded in the same order every game. The first Power-Up set is randomly determined from the five options listed (and remains the same across players in a multiplayer game), but will always be +250k Godzilla Multiball Jackpot or +500k Mechagodzilla Multiball Jackpot in competition mode.

The main problem I have is that it's taking around 4 seconds per word to process so it will take around 24 days to complete all 500k words in a core5 7th gen 8gb ram laptop. Is it possible to make it more process efficient?

You should try to switch inner and outer loop, because it will be much faster to read each wikipedia articles in and count the word frequencies for all 500k words (you anyway have the 500k word list in memory all the time). What you do now is reading 500k times all articles into memory which is time consuming.

I wrote an AI-oriented, high-performance (5k FPS/i7 core, 500k FPS V100 GPU) and minimal Nintendo Gameboy emulator in C (500 LOC) with 0 dependencies. 041b061a72


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