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[S13E13] Dances With Smurfs

The next day, Cartman returns and weaves a story of how he chose to live with the gentle smurfs. In this story, Cartman paints his face blue and wears a Smurf costume with his bare chest showing. The Smurfs teach him to pick Smurf berries and he falls in love with Smurfette. A very fat Wendy (Cartman in very unconvincing drag) comes to destroy Smurf village because the Smurf berries are worth a lot of money. She runs down the Smurfs and their village in graphic cartoon violence with a bulldozer, killing Smurfette and most other smurfs brutally. Cartman again uses a fallacy to convince the kids it all happened by saying "Go ahead and look outside, you won't see any Smurfs!" All of this is documented in Eric's new DVD: Dances with Smurfs.

[S13E13] Dances with Smurfs



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