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April 22nd is Earth Day, but at Staples, you can make eco-conscious decisions for your home and office all year. Look for the ECO-ID badge or filter by environmental factors while browsing, and visit the Staples Sustainability Center to learn more about our assortment of eco-friendly products. Earn rewards for participating in Staples In-Store Recycling Services program. Find a participating Staples Store Near You and bring in your used ink and toner cartridges, electronics, and batteries for responsible recycling.

buy now office supplies

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As tax season wraps up, it's time to get your financial documents in order. Keep your financial records up to date throughout the year with the right financial software for your personal or company finances. Making sure that your office is well stocked with the necessary tax envelopes and forms to get your employees or contract workers their paperwork as soon as possible. See how Staples can help you prepare for your taxes:

Keep packing supplies ready for easy shipping. Padded envelopes and bubble mailers are perfect for shipping small, non-fragile items. Pack larger items in shipping boxes that are slightly larger than the item, and use packing peanuts, bubble roll, or other packing materials to keep objects from moving in the box during transport. Choose the right packing tape to ensure your packages will stay sealed. Staples carries clear acrylic packing tape for everyday shipping and reinforced or water activated tape for packages that require a heavier duty seal.

Manage the day-to-day office correspondence smoothly with a wide selection of business envelopes, inter-office envelopes, and catalog envelopes in the mailroom. Have finger pads and envelope moisteners on hand for speedy document collation and a quick seal. Choose security envelopes for confidential office correspondence and inter-office communications. If your office or organization sends out large mailings, consider a paper folding machine and self-sealing envelopes to increase efficiency.

Whether you work in a traditional office, from home, or anywhere in between, the right supplies and technology will keep you working efficiently no matter where you are. Update your tech with a new laptop computer or 2-in-1 tablet for work on the go. Keep important files accessible wherever you are with portable hardrives and USB flash drives that fit easily into a laptop bag. Choose a headset for virtual meetings or noise-cancelling headphones to block out unwanted sounds when working in public.

In your home office, make sure to have a comfortable set up that's built with you in mind. Select an ergonomic office chair or gaming chair, and browse our selection of sit and stand desks for a convertible work area. Add an extra computer monitor to your set up, and choose from our wide selection of mice and keyboards. And don't forget to stock up on office supplies. From notebooks and copy paper, to pens and highlighters, Staples offers flexible AutoRestock options on all the basics, so you can get supplies shipped to your door without having to remember to order.

You can never have too many business notebooks! This includes Moleskins as well as Mead notebooks for different reasons. Mead is one of the best sites to stock up on cheap office or school supplies and other essentials!

While these sites did not make my top list (mainly because some of them to be able to get the best deals, you need to buy in large quantities), here are some other sites that you can scour for cheap office supplies:

Technology forms the backbone of modern-day businesses, which is why desktop accessories are a necessity. Beginning with PCs and laptops, desktop items run the full gamut of supplies that include hardware and software tools. USB power banks, mobile charging kits and wireless charging pads ensure your devices never run out of power. A wireless router is an essential device that keeps all hardware within your network connected. External hard drives, copiers, scanners and printers are technology basics that every office needs.Ergonomic furniture solutions prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that result from sitting all day long in an awkward posture. Aesthetically designed office furniture enhances the look and feel of the space.

Antifatigue mats are a terrific choice for those who prefer to stand and work. They have a cushioned surface that takes the pressure off hips, feet, knees and backs while standing, offering comfort throughout the day. Specific workspaces require specialty office supplies that cater to the special needs of the staff.

Choosing the right office furniture is important. A comfortable and ergonomic workplace not only contributes to well-being, it also affects office productivity and entices prospective employees. A dynamic work environment requires stand-up desks, sofas for common areas, conference room tables of various sizes with chairs to match, dry-erase boards, multi-purpose filing cabinets, and decorative art.

A well-stocked breakroom can help keep your employees happy and engaged. But since breakroom snacks run out fast, it can be a lot of work to keep your breakroom stocked with healthy snacks and beverages, paper products and cleaning supplies.

Buying office supplies can be time consuming, especially for small business owners who have to manage their own purchasing. See five tips to help small business owners save time and money buying office supplies.

Shop everything you need for work in one place with Amazon Business, the world's largest office supply store. Browse a wide selection of office supplies, electronics, furnishings, breakroom supplies, and more from top brands.

Get all the office supplies and products you need in the sizes and quantities you require while saving money with Amazon Business. From desks and chairs to printers and more, our purchasing features are designed to make buying easy and straightforward.

We are a leading office & business products supplier to Dane County and surrounding area organizations. We are your one-stop source for everything to help your business operate efficiently and improve your bottom line. We understand that the right office supplies make every work task easier, so we've compiled the best brands and top supplies in one place to maximize productivity.

While our intentions may be good, busy lives and schedules make it far easier to prioritize convenience over supporting local businesses. By buying office supplies and other products locally, you can truly get the best return on your investment.

EZ Office Products, a leading independently owned office supply company, is proud to serve the state of Wisconsin. We deliver all of your office needs with our own trucks from Beaver Dam to Janesville and Madison to Milwaukee daily (check out the map for our current delivery area).

Then you're in luck. Twitter's San Francisco headquarters auctioned off "surplus corporate office assets" online for a fleeting 27 hours, giving potential lucky bidders the chance to take a piece of the struggling company home with them.

The 631 lots include office supplies like projectors and massive white boards (in both old-school and digital form), kitchen equipment from espresso machines to refrigerators (including a kegerator beer dispenser), a wide variety of chairs and couches and miscellaneous modern-day workplace staples like assorted power adapters and KN95 masks in bulk.

Still, its financial outlook remains murky, with the New York Times reporting that same month that Twitter had not paid rent for its San Francisco headquarters or any global offices for weeks and was considering denying people severance payments. Employees have also discussed the possibility of selling usernames to make money, the Times reported last week.

QCoffice customers have FREE access to our recycling service for printer cartridges & electronic waste - transforming your trash into employment & training for disabled workers. We refurbish what we can and keep all materials out of the landfill. We can accept computers, laptops, printers, copy & fax machines, projectors, cell phones, stereo equipment, ink & toner, tablets, cameras and more. Download the flyer for complete list of acceptable items.

Getting started with QC Office is easy! Simply complete the contact form below and a friendly office product consultant will contact you to help you get started. Now every time you order the supplies you need, you will also be helping to employ 50 people with disabilities! Get started today!

We specialize in stocking small and medium sized businesses with everything from binders to writing supplies in Butler, Warren, and Montgomery Counties in Ohio, in addition to parts of Kentucky. We are just a phone call away.

PRODUCT DETAILS GENERAL PURPOSE. Small dispenser with red tape. Suitable for logistics, shipping, mailing, post office, and organizing items. Vibrant red color helps with easy identification, organization, and labeling of packages. EASY TO USE. Item measure 3.75 x 2 inch. This shipping...

6 stars I love my sleek clip boards. I ordered 4 memo size and 4 standard size. I'm 76 years young and I have always been into school and office supplies. I was an office worker for my entire career and bought my own supplies.

Planning on setting up your home office? At Target, find a wide range of office supplies that will help you keep your business running. Look through a collection of office supplies like notebooks, paper, calendars, sticky notes, desk organizers, calculators and more. You can also find filing cabinets that are great to store all your office essentials. Browse through a collection of packing & mailing supplies like envelopes and shipping labels. Looking to set up your home office with some stylish furniture? Find desks, chairs, packaging tape, ink, boards, pencils, printers, bookshelves and more. Notepads are perfect to help you organize your week in style. Find a range of multi-color weekly pads that are great to help you stay on track, it is designed with a bulleted list so you can conveniently write in your daily tasks, appointments, deadlines and more. Find a variety of breakroom supplies, first-aid and more. Also explore a collection of pens in assorted colors, post-it notes, paperclips, fax machines, easels, desk accessories, erasers, file folders, binders and a variety of other office equipment. A well-stocked office is sure to keep your work running seamlessly. Browse through a range of essential office supplies and find everything you need for your office. 041b061a72


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