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Text Book Of Pharmacognosy Kokate

If we go through the questions papers of GPAT (2010-2012) and GATE (2009 and earlier), we can easily identify at least 5 questions which have been taken from this text book. Some of the important topics that are usually asked from this text book are:

Text Book Of Pharmacognosy Kokate

Highlight: The appendices given at the end of the text book are very useful for competitive exams like GPAT and NIPER. The section on list of all major chemical tests covered in the text book is very useful because a lot of questions can be answered if this list is memorized correctly.

This book is usually referred for extra information, especially about microscopic characters of crude drugs. It is a very good text book to understand the practical aspects of the subject as it covers the morphological and microscopic characters of a huge number of crude drugs in detail.


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