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[S2E14] Escape From Earth-2

At Zoom's lair, Harry, Cisco, Earth-2 Barry, Iris, and Killer Frost show up to free Barry and Jesse. The group is able to free Jesse. However, they can't figure out how to free Barry. He attempts to get them to leave to save themselves. However, Earth-2 Barry stays behind and is able to get Barry through the mental block that is preventing him from freeing himself. As Barry escapes, Zoom shows up and reveals that Killer Frost had warned him that they were coming. Right before he is about to kill Jesse, Cisco is able to convince Killer Frost to turn on Zoom which gives everyone else enough time to escape. Barry doesn't want to leave without the man in the iron mask, but everybody lets him know there's no time. Barry vows to return for him when everything is over.

[S2E14] Escape From Earth-2



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