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Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy A Ladder

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do you have to be 18 to buy a ladder

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), across all workers, approximately 20% of all fall injuries involve a ladder. Among construction workers - especially roofing, framing, siding, and painting contractors - the dangers of ladder falls are even more clear: An estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in emergency rooms across the country involve a ladder. Construction has the highest rate of ladder fall injuries of any industry.

Ladders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They are useful in many industries for a variety of applications. This document offers an overview of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) standards for ladders, along with tips for proper ladder usage. A critical component of fall prevention is making sure all ladders meet OSHA and ANSI-ASC standards. Read on to see if yours pass the test.

The update ushered in some sweeping changes where ladders were concerned. As part of the update, OSHA combined its previously separate regulations for portable wood ladders, portable metal ladders and fixed ladders under one comprehensive ladder standard: 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.23 which applies to all ladders used in general industry with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are ladders used in emergency operations such as firefighting, rescue and tactical law enforcement operations, or training for those operations, and ladders that are an integral part of a machine or piece of equipment.

Under the General Requirements for all ladders, 29 CFR 1910.23(b)(11-13), OSHA addresses proper ladder climbing technique When ascending or descending a ladder, employees must always maintain three points of contact by:

Any ladder with structural or other defects must be immediately tagged "Dangerous: Do Not Use," or with similar language in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.145, and removed from service until repaired in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.22(d) or replaced.

OSHA defines a portable ladder as one that can readily be moved or carried, usually consisting of side rails joined at intervals by steps, rungs, or cleats.(29 CFR 1910.21(b)). They can be self-supporting or lean against a supporting structure (non-self-supporting).

OSHA defines a fixed ladder as a ladder with rails or individual rungs that is permanently attached to a structure, building or equipment (29 CFR 1910.21(b)). These do not include ship stairs, step bolts, or manhole steps.

The minimum perpendicular distance from the centerline of the steps or rungs, or grab bars, or both, to the nearest permanent object behind the ladder is seven inches, except for elevator pit ladders, which have a minimum perpendicular distance of four and one-half inches..

The side rails of through or sidestep ladders extend 42 inches above the top of the access level or landing platform served by the ladder. For parapet ladders, the access level is the roof, if the parapet is cut to permit passage through the parapet; or the top of the parapet, if the parapet is continuous.

For through ladders, the steps or rungs are omitted from the extensions, and the side rails are flared to provide not less than 24 inches and not more than 30 inches of clearance (when a ladder safety system is provided, the maximum clearance between side rails of the extension must not exceed 36 inches).

When a fixed ladder terminates at a hatch, the hatch cover opens with enough clearance to provide easy access to or from the ladder and opens at least 70 from horizontal if the hatch is counterbalanced..

The step-across distance from the centerline of the rungs or steps for through ladders, is not less than seven inches and not more than 12 inches to the nearest edge of the structure, building, or equipment accessed from the ladders.

Ladders that do not have cages or wells have a clear width of at least 15 inches on each side of the ladder centerline to the nearest permanent object and a minimum perpendicular distance of 30 inches from the centerline of the steps or rungs to the nearest object on the climbing side (when unavoidable obstructions are encountered, the minimum clearance at the obstruction may be reduced to 24 inches provided deflector plates are installed).

Any section/portion of an existing fixed ladder that is replaced must be equipped with a ladder safety or personal fall arrest system - may also install new cages/wells along with the ladder safety or personal fall arrest system if there is no interference.

OSHA defines a mobile ladder stand as a mobile, fixed-height, self-supporting ladder that usually consists of wheels or casters on a rigid base and steps leading to a top step (29 CFR 1910.21(b)). A mobile ladder stand may also have handrails and is designed for use by one employee at a time. OSHA defines a mobile ladder stand platform as a mobile, fixed-height, self-supporting unit having one or more standing platforms that are provided with means of access or egress. Employers must ensure that:

With a top step height of four feet or above have handrails with a vertical height of 29.5 to 37 inches, measured from the front edge of a step - removable gates or non-rigid members, such as chains, may be used instead of handrails in special-use applications.

Stands with a top step height above 10 feet, have the top step protected on three sides by a handrail with a vertical height of at least 36 inches and top steps that are 20 inches or more, front to back, have a midrail and toeboard. Removable gates or non-rigid members, such as chains, may be used instead of handrails in special-use applications..

Platforms with a platform height above 10 feet have guardrails and toeboards on the exposed sides and ends of the platform - removable gates or non-rigid members, such as chains, may be used instead of guardrails in special-use applications.

Portable ladder styles include stepstools, stepladders, extension ladders, trestle ladders, combination ladders which may also be used separately as single ladders, mobile ladder stand ladders, and mobile ladder stand platform ladders,.

The duty rating of a ladder is an indication of the maximum weight capacity the ladder can safely carry. There is no relationship between ladder length and weight capacity. There are five categories of ladder duty ratings:

Specific design and construction requirements for metal ladders are minimized because of the wide variety of materials and design possibilities. However, the designs must produce ladders of enough strength and stiffness to meet the performance requirements and must not have any structural defects or hazards such as sharp edges, burrs, etc.

Test requirements for the ladder materials vary. However, ladders generally are evaluated on their resistance to bending, strength in various positions, and the quality of the individual components that make up the ladder.

Usage guidelines for portable ladders encompass selecting the proper ladder for the job being performed; inspecting before use to verify proper operation and cleanliness; evaluating ladder placement so that footing and top supports are secure and not creating a traffic hazard for pedestrians; utilizing proper climbing technique; and caring for and storing ladders properly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed a Ladder Safety App for mobile devices that features a multimodal indicator and a graphic-oriented guide for ladder selection, inspection, positioning, accessorizing and safe use. The app is available in English and Spanish and can be downloaded for both iOS and Android users.

An emancipated minor is a minor who has been deemed by the court to have the means and maturity to live apart from their parents or legal guardians and to support themselves. Children seeking emancipation also must have a place to live and a legal source of income.

While minors have limited privileges and responsibilities, they also still need to access the law every once in a while. State legal age laws address these needs, such as the ability to consent to and access birth control or drug treatment, or to petition the court for emancipation.

The Gorilla ladder 18 ft reach Tool Review is sponsored by The Home Depot. I have been compensated for my time and provided with product (tools). All ideas and opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

The ladder legs are telescoping. To adjust the leg length, you rotate the speed lock knobs a quarter turn to release the locking pins. Compared to other multi-position ladders, I really like the way Gorilla has designed this feature. The knobs are large and easy to turn.

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