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How to Edit and Encrypt Your ECU Flash Files with ECUsafe 3 0

ECUsafe is a tool for garagemen and technicians. It is a powerful protection against error programmers, and also removes unwanted FAP / DPF. Used on ATS-V's and ZOMGS! Unfortunately, ECUsafe for these vehicles cannot be applied in a car without a correct functioning of DPF, before it is necessary to turn the DEP sensor off.

download ecusafe 3 0


ECU File Smart reads the ECU file from the car, checks it for several types of possible errors. And if all the technical requirements are met, downloads the program into ECU. The program writes own version of the program and protects it from being reprogrammed.

ECUsafe can work on all vehicles with a CAN/OBD interface and flashers. The protection could be enabled for each plug-in/removable or internal flashers. ECUsafe can check and repair many file header errors in the file, such as:

ECUsafe does not rewrite protected ECU files but if you have own version, it is very easy to do this. ECUsafe inserts own version of the file into the ECU. If this works, you will be able to use the ECU in the future. ECUsafe does not change the file check sum.

ECUsafe has been tested on many cars with various versions of ECU and flasher. During the ECUsafe developer testing, ECUsafe has shown a better protection than all protection that are available on the market. Also, ECUsafe always keep a copy of the old program in the file in the car for re-protection. ECUsafe will always install a proper version of program in the ECU and the protection works like a charm. It will also check your car continuously.


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