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Smith In Wild West [v0.21] [APK] __HOT__

Well, first off, a TON. Second, if it's getting this bad, maybe it /is/ time gamers stand up for their hobby and start holding companies accountable for their actions, otherwise it's just going to be the wild wild west for them and we're going to see a lot fewer good companies out there and stories like the nonsense at Activision Blizzard King or Ubisoft are going to become the norm because they'll know they can get away with it and it's going to drag the entire industry backwards.

Smith in Wild West [v0.21] [APK]

#1 Lady Bird (2017) 99% #1 Adjusted Score: 126947% Critics Consensus: Lady Bird delivers fresh insights about the turmoil of adolescence -- and reveals writer-director Greta Gerwig as a fully formed filmmaking talent. Synopsis: A teenager (Saoirse Ronan) navigates a loving but turbulent relationship with her strong-willed mother (Laurie Metcalf) over the course of... [More] Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Timothée Chalamet, Lucas Hedges Directed By: Greta Gerwig #2 Eighth Grade (2018) 99% #2 Adjusted Score: 114991% Critics Consensus: Eighth Grade takes a look at its titular time period that offers a rare and resounding ring of truth while heralding breakthroughs for writer-director Bo Burnham and captivating star Elsie Fisher. Synopsis: Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she makes her way through the last week of... [More] Starring: Elsie Kate Fisher, Daniel Zolghadri, Fred Hechinger, Imani Lewis Directed By: Bo Burnham #3 Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021) 98% #3 Adjusted Score: 105769% Critics Consensus: Poignant, profound, and utterly heartwarming, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is animated entertainment with real heart. Synopsis: Marcel is an adorable one-inch-tall shell who ekes out a colorful existence with his grandmother Connie and their pet lint,... [More] Starring: Jenny Slate, Rosa Salazar, Thomas Mann, Isabella Rossellini Directed By: Dean Fleischer-Camp #4 Moonlight (2016) 98% #4 Adjusted Score: 120718% Critics Consensus: Moonlight uses one man's story to offer a remarkable and brilliantly crafted look at lives too rarely seen in cinema. Synopsis: A look at three defining chapters in the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. His... [More] Starring: Mahershala Ali, Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, Trevante Rhodes Directed By: Barry Jenkins #5 Minari (2020) 98% #5 Adjusted Score: 112999% Critics Consensus: Led by arresting performances from Steven Yeun and Yeri Han, Minari offers an intimate and heart-wrenching portrait of family and assimilation in 1980s America. Synopsis: A tender and sweeping story about what roots us, Minari follows a Korean-American family that moves to a tiny Arkansas... [More] Starring: Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Youn Yuh-jung, Will Patton Directed By: Lee Isaac Chung #6 The Farewell (2019) 97% #6 Adjusted Score: 116665% Critics Consensus: The Farewell deftly captures complicated family dynamics with a poignant, well-acted drama that marries cultural specificity with universally relatable themes. Synopsis: Billi's family returns to China under the guise of a fake wedding to stealthily say goodbye to their beloved matriarch... [More] Starring: Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin, Gil Perez-Abraham Directed By: Lulu Wang #7 The Florida Project (2017) 96% #7 Adjusted Score: 118214% Critics Consensus: The Florida Project offers a colorfully empathetic look at an underrepresented part of the population that proves absorbing even as it raises sobering questions about modern America. Synopsis: Set in the shadow of the most magical place on Earth, 6-year-old Moonee and her two best friends forge their... [More] Starring: Willem Dafoe, Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Valeria Cotto Directed By: Sean Baker #8 First Cow (2019) 96% #8 Adjusted Score: 109775% Critics Consensus: First Cow finds director Kelly Reichardt revisiting territory and themes that will be familiar to fans of her previous work -- with typically rewarding results. Synopsis: Two travelers, on the run from a band of vengeful hunters in the 1820s Northwest, dream of striking it rich... [More] Starring: John Magaro, Orion Lee, Alia Shawkat, Toby Jones Directed By: Kelly Reichardt #9 Menashe (2017) 95% #9 Adjusted Score: 102633% Critics Consensus: Menashe offers an intriguing look at a culture whose unfamiliarity to many viewers will be rendered irrelevant by the story's universally affecting themes and thoughtful approach. Synopsis: Deep in the heart of New York's notoriously secretive Hasidic Jewish community, Menashe, a good-hearted but somewhat hapless grocery store... [More] Starring: Menashe Lustig, Ruben Niborski, Yoel Weisshaus, Meir Ber Schwartz Directed By: Joshua Z Weinstein #10 Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) 94% #10 Adjusted Score: 111891% Critics Consensus: Led by an outstanding Michelle Yeoh, Everything Everywhere All at Once lives up to its title with an expertly calibrated assault on the senses. Synopsis: Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as Daniels, the film is a hilarious and big-hearted sci-fi action... [More] Starring: Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong Directed By: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert #11 Amy (2015) 95% #11 Adjusted Score: 103372% Critics Consensus: As riveting as it is sad, Amy is a powerfully honest look at the twisted relationship between art and celebrity -- and the lethal spiral of addiction. Synopsis: Archival footage and personal testimonials present an intimate portrait of the life and career of British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse.... [More] Starring: Tony Bennett, Pete Doherty, Salaam Remi, Nick Shymansky Directed By: Asif Kapadia #12 Boys State (2020) 95% #12 Adjusted Score: 104052% Critics Consensus: Startling, upsetting, and overall absorbing, Boys State strikingly depicts American political divisions -- and machinations -- taking root in the next generation. Synopsis: A raucous journey into the heart of democracy captures an unusual rite of passage: 1,100 teenage boys from across Texas... [More] Starring: Directed By: Amanda McBaine, Jesse Moss #13 De Palma (2015) 95% #13 Adjusted Score: 100811% Critics Consensus: De Palma may not make believers out of the director's detractors, but they'll likely share longtime fans' fascination with his career's worth of entertaining stories. Synopsis: Filmmaker Brian De Palma discusses his body of work, including "Sisters," "Obsession," "Carrie," "Dressed to Kill," "Blow Out," "Scarface," "The... [More] Starring: Brian De Palma Directed By: Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow #14 Krisha (2015) 95% #14 Adjusted Score: 98721% Critics Consensus: Raw, bracingly honest, and refreshingly unconventional, Krisha wrings fresh -- and occasionally uncomfortable -- truths from a seemingly familiar premise. Synopsis: Tensions rise at a Thanksgiving gathering when a troubled woman (Krisha Fairchild) reunites with the extended family that she abandoned... [More] Starring: Krisha Fairchild, Robyn Fairchild, Bill Wise, Chris Doubek Directed By: Trey Edward Shults #15 First Reformed (2017) 94% #15 Adjusted Score: 106077% Critics Consensus: Brought to life by delicate work from writer-director Paul Schrader and elevated by a standout performance by Ethan Hawke, First Reformed takes a sensitive and suspenseful look at weighty themes. Synopsis: The pastor of a small church in upstate New York spirals out of control after a soul-shaking encounter with an... [More] Starring: Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried, Philip Ettinger, Cedric the Entertainer Directed By: Paul Schrader #16 X (2022) 94% #16 Adjusted Score: 103747% Critics Consensus: A fresh spin on the classic slasher formula, X marks the spot where Ti West gets resoundingly back to his horror roots. Synopsis: In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their... [More] Starring: Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow Directed By: Ti West #17 C'mon C'mon (2021) 94% #17 Adjusted Score: 103396% Critics Consensus: The sweet chemistry between Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman is complemented by writer-director Mike Mills' empathetic work, helping C'mon C'mon transcend its familiar trappings. Synopsis: Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) and his young nephew (Woody Norman) forge a tenuous but transformational relationship when they are unexpectedly thrown... [More] Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann, Woody Norman, Scoot McNairy Directed By: Mike Mills #18 Val (2021) 94% #18 Adjusted Score: 99198% Critics Consensus: An absorbingly reflective documentary that benefits from its subject's self-chronicling, Val offers an intimate look at a unique life and career. Synopsis: For over 40 years Val Kilmer, one of Hollywood's most mercurial and/or misunderstood actors has been documenting his own life... [More] Starring: Val Kilmer, Jack Kilmer Directed By: Ting Poo, Leo Scott #19 Room (2015) 93% #19 Adjusted Score: 105170% Critics Consensus: Led by incredible work from Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, Room makes for an unforgettably harrowing -- and undeniably rewarding -- experience. Synopsis: Held captive for years in an enclosed space, a woman (Brie Larson) and her young son (Jacob Tremblay) finally gain... [More] Starring: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen, Sean Bridgers Directed By: Lenny Abrahamson #20 The Humans (2021) 92% #20 Adjusted Score: 97999% Critics Consensus: The Humans takes its Tony-winning source material from stage to screen without sacrificing the essence of writer-director Stephen Karam's dysfunctional drama. Synopsis: Erik Blake has gathered three generations of his Pennsylvania family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his daughter's apartment in lower Manhattan.... [More] Starring: Richard Jenkins, Amy Schumer, Steven Yeun, Jayne Houdyshell Directed By: Stephen Karam #21 Saint Maud (2019) 93% #21 Adjusted Score: 101535% Critics Consensus: A brilliantly unsettling blend of body horror and psychological thriller, Saint Maud marks an impressive debut for writer-director Rose Glass. Synopsis: The debut film from writer-director Rose Glass, Saint Maud is a chilling and boldly original vision of faith, madness, and... [More] Starring: Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Fraser, Lily Knight Directed By: Rose Glass #22 Ex Machina (2014) 92% #22 Adjusted Score: 102761% Critics Consensus: Ex Machina leans heavier on ideas than effects, but it's still a visually polished piece of work -- and an uncommonly engaging sci-fi feature. Synopsis: Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) a programmer at a huge Internet company, wins a contest that enables him to spend a... [More] Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander, Sonoya Mizuno Directed By: Alex Garland #23 The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) 92% #23 Adjusted Score: 105099% Critics Consensus: Led by a stellar Denzel Washington, The Tragedy of Macbeth strips the classic story down to its visual and narrative essentials. Synopsis: Joel Coen's bold and fierce adaptation of "Macbeth," a tale of murder, madness, ambition, and wrathful cunning.... [More] Starring: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Bertie Carvel, Alex Hassell Directed By: Joel Coen #24 Good Time (2017) 91% #24 Adjusted Score: 107332% Critics Consensus: A visual treat filled out by consistently stellar work from Robert Pattinson, Good Time is a singularly distinctive crime drama offering far more than the usual genre thrills. Synopsis: A bank robber stops at nothing to free his brother from prison, launching himself into a nightlong odyssey through New... [More] Starring: Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barkhad Abdi, Ben Safdie Directed By: Joshua Safdie, Ben Safdie #25 The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) 92% #25 Adjusted Score: 103553% Critics Consensus: An affecting story powerfully told, The Last Black Man in San Francisco immediately establishes director Joe Talbot as a filmmaker to watch. Synopsis: Jimmie and his best friend Mont try to reclaim the house built by Jimmie's grandfather, launching them on a poignant... [More] Starring: Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Rob Morgan, Tichina Arnold Directed By: Joe Talbot #26 The End of the Tour (2015) 92% #26 Adjusted Score: 97647% Critics Consensus: Brilliantly performed and smartly unconventional, The End of the Tour pays fitting tribute to a singular talent while offering profoundly poignant observations on the human condition. Synopsis: Writer and journalist David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) interviews author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) for Rolling Stone magazine.... [More] Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Segel, Becky Ann Baker, Anna Chlumsky Directed By: James Ponsoldt #27 Slow West (2015) 92% #27 Adjusted Score: 96654% Critics Consensus: Slow West serves as an impressive calling card for first-time writer-director John M. Maclean -- and offers an inventive treat for fans of the Western. Synopsis: A bounty hunter (Michael Fassbender) keeps his true motive a secret from the naive Scottish teenager (Kodi Smit-McPhee) he's offered... [More] Starring: Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ben Mendelsohn, Caren Pistorius Directed By: John Maclean #28 The Souvenir Part II (2021) 90% #28 Adjusted Score: 95652% Critics Consensus: Drawing on another terrific performance from Honor Swinton Byrne, The Souvenir Part II continues its story with profound emotional complexity and elegant storytelling. Synopsis: In the aftermath of her tumultuous relationship with a charismatic and manipulative older man, Julie begins to untangle her fraught... [More] Starring: Honor Swinton Byrne, Jaygann Ayeh, Tilda Swinton, Richard Ayoade Directed By: Joanna Hogg #29 A Prayer Before Dawn (2017) 92% #29 Adjusted Score: 94398% Critics Consensus: A Prayer Before Dawn is far from an easy watch, but this harrowing prison odyssey delivers rich rewards -- led by an outstanding central performance from Joe Cole. Synopsis: The amazing true story of Billy Moore, an English boxer incarcerated in Thailand's most notorious prison. Thrown into a world... [More] Starring: Joe Cole, Billy Moore, Pornchanok Mabklang, Panya Yimmumphai Directed By: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire #30 The Disaster Artist (2017) 91% #30 Adjusted Score: 115537% Critics Consensus: Oh, hai Mark. The Disaster Artist is a surprisingly poignant and charming movie-about-a-movie that explores the creative process with unexpected delicacy. Synopsis: The incredible true story of aspiring filmmaker and Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau as he and his best friend defiantly pursue... [More] Starring: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Zac Efron Directed By: James Franco #31 Uncut Gems (2019) 91% #31 Adjusted Score: 110659% Critics Consensus: Uncut Gems reaffirms the Safdies as masters of anxiety-inducing cinema -- and proves Adam Sandler remains a formidable dramatic actor when given the right material. Synopsis: A charismatic jeweler makes a high-stakes bet that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. In a precarious high-wire... [More] Starring: Adam Sandler, LaKeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett Directed By: Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie #32 Locke (2013) 91% #32 Adjusted Score: 99363% Critics Consensus: A one-man show set in a single confined location, Locke demands a powerful performance -- and gets it from a never-more-compelling Tom Hardy. Synopsis: A man's (Tom Hardy) life unravels after he leaves a construction site at a critical time and drives to London... [More] Starring: Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Tom Holland Directed By: Steven Knight #33 Gloria Bell (2018) 91% #33 Adjusted Score: 102281% Critics Consensus: Free of visual or narrative embellishments, Gloria Bell rests almost completely on Julianne Moore's performance in the title role -- and she's gloriously up to the task. Synopsis: A free-spirited divorcee spends her nights on the dance floor, joyfully letting loose at clubs around Los Angeles. She soon... [More] Starring: Julianne Moore, John Turturro, Michael Cera, Brad Garrett Directed By: Sebastián Lelio #34 The Spectacular Now (2013) 91% #34 Adjusted Score: 97165% Critics Consensus: The Spectacular Now is an adroit, sensitive film that avoids typical coming-of-age story trappings. Synopsis: An innocent, bookish teenager (Shailene Woodley) begins dating the charming, freewheeling high-school senior (Miles Teller) who awoke on her lawn... [More] Starring: Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, Jennifer Jason Leigh Directed By: James Ponsoldt #35 In Fabric (2018) 91% #35 Adjusted Score: 99634% Critics Consensus: In Fabric's gauzy giallo allure weaves a surreal spell, blending stylish horror and dark comedy to offer audiences a captivating treat. Synopsis: A lonely divorcee visits a bewitching London department store to find a dress to transform her life. She soon finds... [More] Starring: Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Hayley Squires, Leo Bill Directed By: Peter Strickland #36 Mississippi Grind (2015) 91% #36 Adjusted Score: 94982% Critics Consensus: Well-acted and steeped in Southern atmosphere, Mississippi Grind is a road movie and addiction drama that transcends each of its well-worn genres. Synopsis: Convinced that his newfound friend (Ryan Reynolds) is a good-luck charm, a gambling addict (Ben Mendelsohn) takes the man on... [More] Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Mendelsohn, Sienna Miller, Lio Tipton Directed By: Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden #37 The Lighthouse (2019) 90% #37 Adjusted Score: 112256% Critics Consensus: A gripping story brilliantly filmed and led by a pair of powerhouse performances, The Lighthouse further establishes Robert Eggers as a filmmaker of exceptional talent. Synopsis: Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the... [More] Starring: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman, Logan Hawkes Directed By: Robert Eggers #38 The Witch (2015) 90% #38 Adjusted Score: 109014% Critics Consensus: As thought-provoking as it is visually compelling, The Witch delivers a deeply unsettling exercise in slow-building horror that suggests great things for debuting writer-director Robert Eggers. Synopsis: In 1630 New England, panic and despair envelops a farmer, his wife and their children when youngest son Samuel suddenly... [More] Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw Directed By: Robert Eggers #39 A Ghost Story (2017) 91% #39 Adjusted Score: 110676% Critics Consensus: A Ghost Story deftly manages its ambitious themes through an inventive, artful, and ultimately poignant exploration of love and loss. Synopsis: A passionate young couple, unexpectedly separated by a shocking loss, discover an eternal connection and a love that is infinite.... [More] Starring: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Kenneisha Thompson, Grover Coulson Directed By: David Lowery #40 Green Room (2015) 90% #40 Adjusted Score: 103936% Critics Consensus: Green Room delivers unapologetic genre thrills with uncommon intelligence and powerfully acted élan. Synopsis: Members (Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat) of a punk-rock band and a tough young woman (Imogen Poots) battle murderous white supremacists... [More] Starring: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole Directed By: Jeremy Saulnier #41 A Most Violent Year (2014) 90% #41 Adjusted Score: 99122% Critics Consensus: Gritty, gripping, and weighted with thought-provoking heft, A Most Violent Year represents another strong entry in writer-director


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