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The Businessman 3 720p Subtitles Movies

A wealthy businessman is accused of murder and seeks the help of a famous lawyer to mount a defense as the last hours of his trial wind down. His storytelling of those events takes us down a darkening path of twists and turns, and unexpected revelations. I multitasked quite a bit while preparing this blog post and watched movies, but this movie had my full attention, and me on the edge of my seat. If you like suspense, this is a must-watch with incredible acting.

The Businessman 3 720p Subtitles Movies

Sterritt **** A wealthy businessman, a beautiful maid who stays just outside his reach, and a background of revolutionary rumblings are among the ingredients of this 1977 masterpiece. Cinema's greatest surrealist is at the peak of his powers in the last movie of his unparalleled career, telling a deliciously dreamlike tale with the ease and wit of a master stylist who knows how to entertain us, unsettle us, and astonish us at the same time. His most celebrated gambit here is having the servant Conchita played by two different actresses, not to reveal different sides of her personality, but to discombobulate the notion that personalities can be comprehended in the first place. This is a classic in the fullest sense. In French with English subtitles


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