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Draw Slasher Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

Sega's rollerblading, graffiti-tagging Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio heads up this week's forthcoming PlayStation Plus update. Subscribers will be able to download the PlayStation 3 version of the game free of charge once the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. This week's update will also bring a series of discounts for standout PlayStation Move releases, including Sorcery ($5.00), Carnival Island ($5.00), and Datura ($2.99). The PS Vita action game Draw Slasher also gets a price drop this week, and will be available to Plus subscribers for $3.19. Starting tomorrow, Plus members can save a few bucks by digitally pre-ordering DuckTales Remastered ($11.99), Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark ($7.99), Cloudberry Kingdom ($7.99), and ibb & obb ($7.99). Rebates are available for buying two or more featured games during Sony's PlayStation Store PLAY campaign.

Draw Slasher Free Download


To those yearning for more AAA games to join the PS Plus free games list, this month is for you. All these games will be available to download for active PS Plus subscribers beginning August 9th to September 5th.

According to its creator, Deathly Stillness was never intended to be an officially released game. It was thrown together in just 17 days and is meant to serve as a tutorial of sorts for other game creators. That hasn't stopped tens of thousands of people from downloading and enjoying it though, with the title now one of the best free horror games on Steam when it comes to positive review scores. 041b061a72


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