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XMind 6: How to Create Stunning Mind Maps with Ease - Download and Learn

The latest .xmind file format implementing Xmind Workbooks consists of a ZIP compressed archive containing an JSON document for contents, a .png image file for thumbnails, and some directories for attachments. The file format is open and based on some principles of OpenDocument/OfficeOpenXML.

download xmind 6

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

XerteThe most important element of education is the content. The multimedia properties of electronic content make it possible to create interesting learning sessions in an efficient manner. Xerte is an open source suite for creating interactive learning material. It is an excellent alternative to its commercial counterparts, which are much costlier. Being open source, Xerte is free and easier to use. It was developed by the University of Nottingham, UK.Xerte is an awesome tool for creating learning objects that are a combination of good content, practice items and assessment items. Xerte packages are shown in Figure 4.The Xerte online toolkit simply requires a Web browser on the client side. The Xerte developer edition needs to be installed on desktops. The Xerte flex compiler is for working with the Flex SDK. Another Xerte tool is Xpert, which is a repository for sharing learning objects and provides re-usability features. This serves as the publishing platform. The Xerte version can be downloaded from

CalibreOne of the typical problems that the academic community faces is organising the growing collections of ebooks, which has led to a problem of plenty. Calibre is an effective solution for this problem of managing an ebook library. It is free, open source and is loaded with features as illustrated in Figure 7.The brain behind Calibre is Kovid Goyal. The popularity and benefits of Calibre can be understood from the installation statistics, which is more than 27 million. The current stable release is 2.15 (January 2015) and it is available in more than 35 languages. It can be downloaded from Calibre is cross-platform, and supports Windows, Linux and Mac. There is a portable version as well. Associated Android applications are also available for Calibre, developed by third party developers.


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