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A funny thing happened on my way to read a serious apologetics book to my teens: I couldn't find it. After turning the house upside-down, ranting and raving a bit, and offering a cash reward, somebody remembered that Dad had loaned it to a non-Catholic friend.

In the late 19th century, scholarly skeptics such as Sir James Frazer attempted to explain away the uniqueness of Christianity by finding precedents for its practices among the pagan cults. Unsurprisingly, they looked to the cannibalistic custom of the Baccantes as the origin of the Eucharist. We must admit the close resemblance: whenever we attend a bloodless offering of bread and wine conducted by a celibate Irishman, our thoughts turn to gangs of naked Greek women, roaring drunk, gouging flesh out of passersby with their fingernails. It's positively distracting, some Sundays.

Drunken walking. On Sept. 10, Littleton police officers encountered a man walking drunk around the area of South Prince Street and West Costilla Avenue. The man was arrested for resisting arrest.

Black Lips play a tight blend of 13th Floor Elevators-style psyche rock mixed with Stooges-style garage punk. Known for their onstage antics as much as their music, at any given Black Lips performance you could witness this four-piece vomiting, peeing and spitting all over each other, setting off fireworks and lighting their guitars on fire, or stripping naked and kissing on stage. The latter of which, at a show in India, forced them to flee the country for fear of being jailed for committing "homosexual acts" (You'd think being from the South, where it's a felony to make eye contact with another man for too long, would have taught these enfants terrible to keep it in their pants in public).

Arabia Mountain is 16 tight tracks to get drunk and shake your tambourine to. From their wonderfully juvenile subject matter (they sing about Peter Parker being molested, and ex-Atlanta Braves mascot Chief Noc-A-Homa), to the recording techniques (they drummed on raw meat, and used a human skull as an echo chamber), to their videos (where they're either getting drunk or getting stoned), everything about Black Lips just seems to ooze a youthful exuberance, despite their retro sound. 041b061a72


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